Assistance in obtaining the e-Visa

Tanzania Mainland & Zanzibar 🇹🇿

Since 2018, the Tanzanian government has implemented an electronic visa to visit the country for tourism or business. To visit the island of Zanzibar, the process is the same. It allows you to enter the country once and stay for a maximum of 90 days. Most countries are eligible for this online application. The fee starts at 84 € . The average time to obtain the permit is 7 days for urgent departures.

What are the eligibility criteria for the Tanzanian e-Visa?

1️⃣ Passport

Travellers must have a passport that is still valid at least 6 months after the date of entry into Tanzania.

2️⃣ Visa pending

You do not need a Tanzanian resident visa.

3️⃣ Situation

You do not need to be in Tanzania at the moment with a valid visa, nor with an extension to your visa.

Which nationalities are eligible for e-Visa?

🇦🇱 Albania
🇩🇿 Algeria
🇩🇪 Germany
🇦🇩 Andorra
🇦🇴 Angola
🇸🇦 Saudi Arabia
🇦🇷 Argentina
🇦🇲 Armenia
🇦🇺 Australia
🇦🇹 Austria
🇧🇭 Bahrain
🇧🇪 Belgium
🇧🇯 Benin
🇧🇹 Bhutan
🇧🇾 Belarus
🇧🇴 Bolivia
🇧🇦 Bosnia-H
🇧🇧 Brazil
🇧🇬 Bulgaria
🇧🇫 Burkina Faso

🇰🇭 Cambodia
🇨🇲 Cameroon
🇨🇦 Canada
🇨🇻 Cape Verde
🇨🇱 Chile
🇨🇳 China
🇨🇴 Colombia
🇰🇲 Comoros
🇨🇷 South Korea
🇨🇷 Costa Rica
🇨🇮 Ivory Coast
🇭🇷 Croatia
🇨🇺 Cuba
🇩🇰 Denmark
🇪🇬 Egypt
🇦🇪 Emirates A. U.
🇪🇨 Ecuador
🇪🇸 Spain
🇪🇪 Estonia
🇫🇯 Fiji

🇫🇮 Finland
🇫🇷 France
🇬🇦 Gabon

🇬🇪 Georgia
🇬🇷 Greece
🇬🇹 Guatemala
🇬🇳 Guinea
🇬🇼 Guinea-Bissau
🇭🇹 Haiti
🇭🇳 Honduras
🇭🇺 Hungary
ἒ🇭 Marshall Islands
🇮🇳 India
🇮🇩 Indonesia
🇮🇪 Ireland
🇮🇸 Iceland
🇮🇱 Israel
🇮🇹 Italy
🇯🇵 Japan
🇯🇴 Jordan

🇰🇼 Kuwait
🇱🇦 Laos
🇱🇻 Latvia
🇱🇷 Liberia
🇱🇾 Libya
🇱🇮 Liechtenstein
🇱🇹 Lithuania
🇱🇺 Luxembourg
🇲🇰 Macedonia
🇲🇻 Maldives
🇲🇦 Morocco
🇲🇽 Mexico
🇫🇲 Micronesia
🇲🇩 Moldova
🇲🇨 Monaco
🇲🇳 Mongolia
🇲🇪 Montenegro
🇲🇲 Myanmar
🇳🇵 Nepal
🇳🇮 Nicaragua

🇳🇴 Norway
🇳🇿 New Zealand
🇴🇲 Oman
🇵🇼 Palau
🇵🇦 Panama
🇵🇾 Paraguay
🇳🇱 Netherlands
🇵🇪 Peru
🇵🇭 Philippines
🇵🇱 Poland
🇵🇷 Puerto Rico
🇵🇹 Portugal
🇶🇦 Qatar
🇨🇫 Central African Republic
🇨🇩 Rep. D. Congo
🇨🇬 Rep. of Congo
🇩🇤 Rep. of the Dominican Republic
🇨🇿 Czech Rep.
🇬🇧 United Kingdom
🇷🇺 Russia

🇸🇲 San Marino
🇸🇻 El Salvador
🇸🇹 Sao T.-and-P.
🇷🇸 Serbia
🇸🇰 Slovakia
🇸🇮 Slovenia
🇸🇩 Sudan
🇸🇪 Sweden
🇨🇭 Switzerland
🇸🇷 Suriname

🇹🇭 Thailand
🇹🇱 East Timor
🇹🇬 Togo
🇹🇳 Tunisia
🇹🇷 Turkey
🇺🇦 Ukraine
🇺🇾 Uruguay
🇻🇦 Vatican City
🇻🇪 Venezuela
🇻🇳 Vietnam

What places of arrival are eligible for e-Visa?

3 airports and 2 land borders are concerned by these electronic visas. ⚠️ If you are arriving by sea or by any other place, please apply for a classic visa at the embassy or at your port of arrival.

  • Julius Nyerere Airport (Dar es Salaam)
  • Kilimanjaro Airport
  • Kisauni Abeid Amani Karume Airport (Zanzibar)
Land borders
  • Namanga
  • Tunduma

What are the advantages of e-Visa compared to the traditional visa?

Are you visiting Tanzania for less than 90 days? The validity of the e-Visa starts from the date of your entry into Tanzania.

  • Rate from 84 € per traveler
  • 1 entry for up to 90 days on site

Group application possible

100% online, nothing to post

Faster to obtain

Official document from the authorities

⚪️ 🟠 ⚪️
Disrupted treatment

The authorities may take a few more days to edit the document

The Tanzanian eVisa in a nutshell

Format Electronics only
Reasons Tourism or business
Number of entries 1
Time to obtain 7 days for urgent departures
Length of stay 0 to 90 days
Validity 90 days
Consular fees From 50 € onwards

For a trip to Tanzania or the island of Zanzibar, the Tanzania eVisa is mandatory for most nationalities.

Your electronic visa for Tanzania allows you to stay 90 days for a fee of 84 €. With your Tanzania e-Visa, you can enter through several entry points such asJulius Nyerere Airport (Dar es Salaam), Kilimanjaro Airport, Abeid Amani Karume Airport in Kisauni (Zanzibar), Namanga and Tunduma land border.

It is also possible to obtain a Tanzania visa on arrival, however in the context of the Covid-19 epidemic, we advise you to apply online before your departure at least 5 days before your arrival.

When to go to Tanzania?

In Tanzania and Zanzibar, the sun is always shining! There is no ideal time to go to Tanzania, but if you want to avoid the tourist crowds, it is best toavoid the Christmas holidays, as well as the summer holidays (July-August).

Places to visit in Tanzania

This magical place will offer you many exceptional and breathtaking landscapes. Ngorongoro Park is considered one of the most beautiful parks in Tanzania to go on safari.

A historic part of Zanzibar, Stone Town is a village with unique architecture, colourful markets and cobbled streets. If you visit Stone Town, you can easily head to Prison Island to see the land tortoises.

Located inwestern Tanzania on the shores of Lake Tanganyika, Mahale National Park has many chimpanzees for you to photograph. Take a hot air balloon ride over the Serengeti Park and see the beauty of the landscape from the air.

Practical information

  • Official country name: United Republic of Tanzania
  • Location: East Africa
  • Capital city: Dodoma
  • Area: 945,087 km2
  • Language: Swahili, English
  • Currency: Tanzanian shilling
  • Climate: Humid equatorial, tropical temperate
  • Time zone: UTC +3

Local time


Security Tourists are advised not to visit the following areas unless there is a compelling reason to do so border regions with Burundi and the DR Congoas well as the south-eastern border with Mozambique.


Health: Yellow fever vaccine is recommended and it is important to be up to date with universal vaccinations.

More information on vaccines

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